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Monthly Board Meeting
Sep 12, 2007
PDF Version: 2007-Sep-12-Monthly Board Meeting.pdf

Monthly Board Meeting: was called to order at 6:37 pm by Chairman John Kirchberg.
Present: Chairman John Kirchberg, Supervisor 1 John Kraus, Jr., Supervisor 2 Carole
Garczynski, and Clerk/Treasurer Marjorie Beilke.
Approve Agenda: Motion to approve agenda was made by John Kraus, Jr. seconded by
John Kirchberg
Posting Verified on September 8, 2007 at the Town Hall, Schultz’s Cheese Haus, and
The Bell, published in the Daily Citizen on September 8, 2007
Minutes from the August 16, 2007 Board Meeting were approved as presented with a
motion from Carole Garczynski, seconded by John Kraus, Jr.
Treasurers Report: The Treasurers Report for $145,698.31 was approved as presented
with a motion from John Kraus, Jr., seconded by Carole Garczynski; a full report is on
Floor was opened for questions or comments: Jerome Schwartz questioned if the
parking of equipment, or the sale of vehicles in the road right-of-way is legal. And if the
town could be held liable if someone crashes into something parked in the right-of-way.
Discussion/decision on Mobile Home Ordinance Violations:
The board viewed both mobile home parks with park owners Joe and John Wendorf and
it was the consensus of the board that the parks were in compliance, with the exception
of lot 20, which has been cited by the Dodge County Sheriff Department. Joe Wendorf
agreed to clearly mark lot 13. Clerk Beilke confirmed she received a current list of
vehicles for both parks. Clerk is to send an invoice to [email protected] for the
monthly parking fees.
Review of Snowplow Letter and Fee:
Clerk presented letter for 2007-2008 season. John Kraus, Jr. made a motion seconded
by John Kirchberg and carried by unanimous vote to charge $30.00 per plowing with a
5-plow $150.00 minimum. And a $90.00 or 3 plow charge for sand/salt of driveway.
Annual review of employee Wages and Fee Schedule:
A motion was made by John Kraus, Jr., seconded by Carole Garczynski and carried by
unanimous vote to amend the Employee Wage List to include the Plan Commission as
Plan Commission Chairman - $50.00 meeting per diem
Plan Commission Secretary - $50.00 meeting per diem
Plan Commission Member - $20.00 meeting per diem
Plan Commission Member - $20.00 per site visit*
*Policy will be that, to prevent a quorum at the site visit, only two members will
physically view the site and report to the full commission at a properly noticed hearing.
A motion was made John Kraus, Jr., seconded by Carole Garczynski and approved by
unanimous vote the following amendments to the fee schedule:
A. Minor Land Division $275.00
2nd Viewing $ 225.00
B. Major Subdivisions
Preliminary Plat $1000.00 and $100.00 per lot
Final Plat $1000.00 and $100.00 per lot
Re-Plats $1000.00 and $100.00 per lot
Re-application Fee $100.00
Driveway Ordinance
New Construction Permit $250.00
Maps and Document Sales
Copies .10 per page with a $5.00 minimum
Road Report from Chairman:
Northeast Asphalt will begin the last week in September. The field drive on Hartt Road
will be installed September 13th. Roadside mowing is done and the mower has been
cleaned up and repaired.
Report from Driveway Inspector:
New driveway permit for Fisher on Canary Road has expired. Carole will call Fisher for
new completion date.
Correspondence Received by Chairman and Clerk:
Attorney Lan Waddell:
Copy of letter dated August 31, 2007 to Donald Bleich serving as notice that the town
will enter property and“abate the nuisance as described in the Complaint and
Copy of letter dated August 31, 2007 to Attorney Scott Rasmussen as representative for
Andy Sproele regarding lot # 5 Maple Grove Trailer Park
Dodge County:
All Hazards Mitigation Plan
Certified mail notice of public hearing of September 17, 2007, Rezoning Petition and
Minor Land Division Intent Form on the petition from Randal Hartt, agent for John Hartt,
Jr., to rezone land to the A-2 General Agriculture along with a minor land division
request to allow the creation of a non-farm residential lot in the SE ¼ NE ¼ Section 10
at W10586 CTH“D”
Notice of public hearing of September 17, 2007 and Conditional Use Application on the
petition of Richard and Linda Anthes for a Conditional Use Permit to cleanout an existing
agricultural ditch.
Land Use Permit approved for Wendorf Enterprises, Inc. to construct a detached shed at
W9800 County Rd. G
Land Use Permit approved for Gregory Tratar to construct a detached garage at W9726
County Road G
Land Use Permit approved for Carole Garczynski to construct a deck at W11342 Schultz
Land Use Permit approved for Brent Lepple to construct a detached garage at W10188
E. Salem Road
Office of the Treasurer Ag Use Value reminder
Human Services and Health Department notice of October 24, 2007 Dodge County
Community Containment Forum and Tabletop exercise on Pandemic Influenza Planning
State of Wisconsin:
Commissioners of Public Lands certification of loan amount to be a current balance of
$78,220.53 Payment due March 15, 2008 of $27,922.17 of which $25,176.95 is principal
and $2,745.22 is interest, which will leave a remaining balance of $53,043.58
Department of Revenue notice dated August 16, 2007 for Statement of Assessment
Department of Commerce conditional approval for the construction of HVAC ICC system
for 16,230 sq feet for United Cooperative CTH“D”
Division of Transportation Local Road Certification Packet
State Elections Board SVRS notice of Municipal Clerk training certification and recertification
and Election Administration Manual Distribution and registration form
U.S. Department of Commerce LUCA Technical Training Workshop for US Census
Dodge County Humane Society Contract for 2008
Certificate of Liability Insurance for K&B Tree and Lawn Care LLC
Title Consultants, Inc. request for special assessment for N6201 Ridge Road
Howard Cigelske Public Comment Form, 2030 Comprehensive Plan
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association District 5 Meeting notice
WTA September Report
WisLine Teleconference Series
General Advertisements and notices:
Baxter & Woodman, Inc.
Ultimate Office catalog
Econo Signs catalog
National Business Institute
Fred Prior Seminars
Hewlett-Packard Company
Bills: Bills for a total of $35,053.49 were approved as presented with a motion from John
Kirchberg, seconded by Carole Garczynski
Next Meeting: Next monthly board meeting will be on Tuesday, October 9, 2007 to start
at 6:30 pm at the town hall.
Adjourn: Being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm with a motion
from John Kirchberg, seconded by Carole Garczynski.
September 25, 2007
Marjorie Beilke, Clerk

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