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Monthly Board Meeting
Oct 09, 2007
PDF Version: 2007-Oct-09-Monthly Board Meeting.pdf

Monthly Board Meeting: was called to order at 6:38 pm by Chairman John Kirchberg.
Present: Chairman John Kirchberg, Supervisor 1 John Kraus, Jr., Supervisor 2 Carole
Garczynski, and Clerk/Treasurer Marjorie Beilke.
Approve Agenda: Motion to approve agenda was made by Carole Garczynski seconded
by John Kirchberg
Posting Verified on October 6, 2007 at the Town Hall, Schultz’s Cheese Haus, and The
Bell, published in the Daily Citizen on October 6, 2007
Minutes from the September 12, 2007 Board Meeting were approved as presented with
a motion from Carole Garczynski, seconded by John Kirchberg.
Treasurers Report: The Treasurers Report for $113,996.17 was approved as presented
with a motion from John Kirchberg, seconded by Carole Garczynski; a full report is on
Floor was opened for questions or comments: Jeannie Lininger asked if the board knew
who owned a little gray terrier that has been seen by her house. It has no collar or tags.
John Kraus stated that Norman Guenther couldn’t get his wagons out of his field on
Ridge Road (across from Gunn Road) since it has been repaved and asked if we could
put some gravel in the drive to reach the road
Discussion/Decision on 2008 Dodge County Humane Society Contract: This agenda item
was tabled until a member of the society can attend.
Final reading of Ordinance 2-2007 to adopt the Town of Calamus Year 2030
Comprehensive Plan: Clerk Beilke read the 2-2007 Ordinance. A motion was made by
John Kraus, Jr., seconded by John Kirchberg and carried by unanimous vote to adopt
Ordinance 2-2007 “An Ordinance to Adopt the Town of Calamus Year 2030
Comprehensive Plan” with the consultant recommended plan revisions of September 20,
Discuss 2008 Budget and Schedule Budget Hearing:
The Board worked out the budget with the same tax levy as last year. Because the state
has not completed their budget the figures for shared revenue and transportation aid
from last year were used. The Budget Hearing and Special Meeting of the Electors was
scheduled for Wednesday, November 14, 2007 to begin at 6:30pm
Snowplow List for 2007-2008 Season: Board approved the snowplow driveway list.
Discussion/decision on Mobile Home Ordinance Violations:
After discussion, the board will postpone citations on violations to allow extra time for
homeowners to complete the necessary repairs.
Road Report from Chairman:
Northeast Asphalt has completed the paving and Michels will let him know when the
shouldering should begin.
The grader is in Juneau at the Highway Department getting new blades put on.
Kirchberg has asked Randy to prepare the snowplow trucks for the season.
Report from Driveway Inspector:
Correspondence Received by Chairman and Clerk:
Dodge County:
Notice of Public Hearing on November 5th on the petition of the County Planning,
Development and Parks Department to amend the land use code by certified mail
Conditional Use Permit Application and Notice of Public Hearing of October 15 on the
petition of Daniel Prunuske, agent for Richard and Marlene Cigelske to replace the
existing culverts in the Calamus Creek at N61010 Wren Road
Memorandum Land resources and Parks Department on the creation of a Economic
Development Organization for Dodge County
Highway Commission 2008-2009 LRIP meeting of September 25, 2007
Highway Commissioner Brain Field copy of letter dated September 24, 2007 to Steve
Notice of Sept. 18th meeting of the Dodge County Board of Supervisors
Dodge County Community Containment Forum and Tabletop Exercise of October 24,
2007 on Pandemic Influenza Planning
State of Wisconsin:
Department of Revenue estimate of $42,706 in shared revenue payments in 2008
Department of Revenue 2007 value of exempt computers to be $13,000
Division of Transportation notice of 2007 Quarterly payment of General Transportation
Aid to be $19,217.88
WISLR reminder of pavement ratings due to WisDOT by December 31, 2007
Associated Appraisal list of businesses for personal property tax
North American Salt Company Destination Id # 792059 contact info of Kathy or Gracie
at 414-482-3434, fax 414-482-4451
Countrywide Tax Services Corporation tax collection survey
State Assembly Leader Jeff Fitzgerald dated Sept 14, 2007
Special assessment letter from Laatsch for John Wendorf W9828 County Rd G
Special assessment letter from Title Consultants for Brown, Saucedo and Callies for
W10458 CTH D
Columbus County 2030 Comprehensive Plan in CD
WTA Dodge County Unit meeting notice and agenda for October 17, 2007
WTA October Report
General Advertisements and notices:
The Horton Group Short term Tax Collector Bond
Kerber, Rose & Assoc. audit proposal
Koch Pipeline Company
National Business Institute road and Access Law Seminar
Playworld Systems
Consolidated Plastics Company
Deluxe Small Business Services
Econo Signs catalog
Bills: Bills for a total of $11,188.36 were approved as presented with a motion from John
Kirchberg, seconded by Carole Garczynski
Next Meeting: Next monthly board meeting will be on Wednesday, November 14, 2007
to start at approximately 7:00 pm, or after the Budget Hearing and Special Meeting of
the Electors which starts at 6:30pm.
Adjourn: Being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm with a motion
from John Kirchberg, seconded by Carole Garczynski.
October 16, 2007
Marjorie Beilke, Clerk

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