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Monthly Board Meeting
Nov 14, 2007
PDF Version: 2007-Nov-14-Monthly Board Meeting.pdf

Monthly Board Meeting: was called to order at 6:48pm by Chairman John Kirchberg.
Present: Chairman John Kirchberg, Supervisor 1 John Kraus, Jr., Supervisor 2 Carole
Garczynski, and Clerk/Treasurer Marjorie Beilke.
Posting Verified on November 11, 2007 at the Town Hall, Schultz’s Cheese Haus, and
The Bell, published in the Daily Citizen on November 10, 2007
Minutes from the October 9, 2007 Board Meeting were approved as presented with a
motion from John Kraus, Jr., second by Carole Garczynski
Treasurers Report: The Treasurers Report for $123,562.67 was approved as presented
with a motion from John Kraus, Jr., seconded by Carole Garczynski; a full report is on
Floor was opened for questions or comments: Scott Steers commented that the
shouldering done by Michels looks good. Also that there is a wash out on the shoulder
on E. Salem Road just before CTH “S”
Discussion with Dodge County Deputy Scott Petrack Regarding the Animals at N4920
Moriah Road:
Deputy Scott Petrack reported that a sheriff must escort the DNR when entering the
property and that they must inform the USDA anytime before entering the property.
Because of complaints, he asked that the sheriffs department be called on their nonemergency
line option#8 when there are animals at large. The deputy will continue to
work with the DNR and USDA. Chairman Kirchberg will talk with the state humane
Discussion/Decision on 2008 Dodge County Humane Society Contract:
DCHS Director Kim Waugus was present to answer questions for the board. A motion
was made by John Kraus, seconded by Carole Garczynski, and carried by unanimous
vote to adopt the 2008 Dodge County Humane Society Per Animal Contract with the
agreement that the Humane Society agrees to require town board approval on a per
animal basis. (Minutes page 180)
Adopt 2008 Budget:
A motion was made by John Kraus, Jr. seconded by Carole Garczynski and carried by
unanimous vote to approve the 2008 budget as presented. (Entered as minutes pages
Agreement with the Columbus Rural Fire Group and the City of Columbus for shared fire
A motion to approve the agreement effective January 31, 2007 until December 31, 2017
was made by John Kirchberg, seconded by John Kraus, Jr. and carried by unanimous
vote. (Minutes pages 188-196)
Resolution to collect service costs for emergency aid on highways:
A motion to adopt was made by John Kirchberg, seconded by Carole Garczynski and
carried by unanimous vote. (Minutes page 197)
Road Report from Chairman:
Chairman Kirchberg reported that the road repairs to and the shouldering have been
completed. He continued that he has applied for LRIP grant of $90,000.00 for Owl Road;
the total repair cost is $175,000.00.
Report from Driveway Inspector:
Correspondence Received by Chairman and Clerk:
Dodge County:
Highway Commission letter dated November 1, 2007 regarding Act 167 that allows
certain vehicles to carry 98,000 pounds. MSA will check the bridge on E. Salem Road to
be sure it can carry the weight or it will need to be posted with a weight restriction. The
cost for the inspection is $35.00.
Land Resources and Parks Department Land Use Permit for Jack and Sandra Saunders
to construct a three-season room and garage at W9799 Canary Road
Land Use Permit for Michael Post to construct an addition at N5475 E. Salem Road
Condition Use Permit Application and Notice of Public Hearing of December 3rd on the
petition of Herb and Marcella Braker to clean ditch and install tile in the NE and the SE
¼’s of Section 5
County Clerks Office Notice of Meeting of the Board of Supervisors of October 16, 2007
County Treasurer notice of proceedings to foreclose tax liens
State of Wisconsin:
Department of Administration final estimate of January 1, 2007 population to be 1,038
of which it is estimated that 815 are of voting age.
Department of Revenue notice of training to Associated Appraisal
Department of Revenue final payment of shared revenue to $36,346.01
Department of Natural Resources Forest Tax and Stewardship News Fall 2007
Department of Natural Resources Notice of availability for municipal flood control grant
Beaver Dam Fire department Chief George Sheets dated November 6, 2007 outlining his
proposal to upgrade EMS service from EMS to Paramedic
Sure-Fire Inc Buildings HAVC, Lighting Compliance Statement for United Cooperative
W9820 CTH “D”
Columbia County Planning & Zoning CD of Recommended Fountain Prairie
Comprehensive Plan
Waddell of Columbus Privacy Policy Notice, Retainer Agreement
Rural Insurance Business owners Policy Declaration
Homestead Title Special Assessment Request for Dennis Wilson N6481 CTH “DE”
WTA November Report
General Advertisements and notices:
The Horton Group Short term Tax Collector Bond
Charter Communications
Baxter-Woodman, Inc.
Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association
Fred Prior Seminars
ULINE catalog
Econo Signs catalog
Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center
Huberty & Associates Certified Public Accountants town audit proposal
Bills: Bills for a total of $2,417.03 were approved as presented with a motion from John
Kraus, seconded by Carole Garczynski
Next Meeting: Next monthly board meeting will be on Wednesday, December 12, 2007
to start at 6:30 pm.
Adjourn: Being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm with a motion
from John Kirchberg, seconded by Carole Garczynski.
November 25, 2007
Marjorie Beilke, Clerk

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