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Monthly Board Meeting
Feb 14, 2007
PDF Version: 2007-Feb-14-Monthly Board Meeting.pdf

Monthly Board Meeting: was called to order at 6:00 pm by Chairman John Kirchberg
Present: Chairman John Kirchberg, Supervisor 1 John Kraus, Jr., Supervisor 2 Carole
Garczynski, Treasurer Marian Haas, Clerk Marjorie Beilke
Posting Verified on February 10, 2007 at the Town Hall, Schultz’s Cheese Haus, and The
Bell, published in the Daily Citizen on February 10, 2007
Minutes from the January 9, 2007 Board Meeting were approved as presented with a motion
from John Kraus, Jr., seconded by Carole Garczynski.
Treasurers Report: The Treasurers Report for $487,554.31 was approved as presented with
a motion from John Kirchberg, seconded by John Kraus, Jr. A full report is on file.
Floor was opened for questions or comments:
Dave Stange reported that last month Clerk Beilke asked him to find out from the
Department of Revenue what is required of a town regarding an audit. He stated that Ken
Schuck, Chief of Local Government Services with the Department of Revenue, stated that
the only requirement is that as stated in the Wisconsin Statutes, that it be done by a state
agency (which there is none) or a certified accountant.
The board assigned a committee to conduct an audit of the treasurer’s books when Marian
Haas retires from office in April. Clerk Marjorie Beilke, Barbara Schneider and David Stange
agreed to serve on the audit board. The clerk is to contact an accountant to get quotes for
the year-end audit, as required by the state.
Deputy Sheriff Scott Petrack stated that the Sheriff would be presenting to the Dodge
County Board a resolution allowing them to take animals that are mistreated, currently their
department cannot.
Deputy Petrack also told the board that Donald Bleich has his trucks properly registered and
he cannot cite him for violating town weight restrictions unless he catches him in the act.
Discussion/ decision on the purchase of new truck and snowplow equipment:
Chairman Kirchberg explained that the 1997 International truck will need to be replaced and
he thought it a good idea to purchase a 2007 now, because starting in 2008 all trucks will
be equipped with the new Federal standards for pollution control.
Chairman Kirchberg explained the following bids: All have the same Ellison automatic
transmissions and Caterpillar engines.
Capitol City had available a 2008 International (with the pollution control) Model 7400 for
$64,690.00. air ride seat, 23000 lb rear end, with a trade-in on our 1997 of $25,000.00
Badger Truck had two options available:
Option 1: a 2007 Sterling L8513 with air ride cab, 26000 lb rear end for $69,231.00 with a
trade-in of $28,000.00
Option 2: a 2007 Sterling L8513 with air ride cab, 23000 lb rear end with an additional 3500
lb flat leaf rear suspension for $66,664.00 with a trade-in allowance of $28,000.00
The board then reviewed the box, sander, plow, wing and hydraulic equipment from Burke
Truck for $44,225.00 with an additional option of $4,024 for a stainless steel box and
sander, and a truck trade-in of $30,000.00. Bids from Madison Truck and Equipment were
about $42,785.00, plus additional costs, with no trade-in.
Clerk Beilke informed the board that a total of $45,000.00 has been put aside for the
purchase of a new truck. The board reviewed the Highway Department budget to cover the
remaining $40,000.00
A motion was made by John Kraus, Jr., seconded by Carole Garczynski to purchase option 2
from Badger Truck with the Burke Truck equipment and stainless steel box and sander, with
the trade in to Burke Truck and to authorize the Chairman to purchase this truck and
equipment, with the trade-in, for a maximum amount of $85,000.00. Call of votes: all aye,
motion carried. Chairman Kirchberg thought he would be able to negotiate a lower price
from Badger Truck and Burke Truck & Equipment.
Review Town Plan Commission Ordinance:
The board reviewed the ordinance copy provided by Foth & Van Dyke. Changes were made
to Section 4 Membership and to remove Section 16 (4)(a)
Appoint Plan Commission Members: Current Planning Committee Chairman John Wedel
submitted a Letter of Resignation effective March 13, 2007. A motion was made by John
Kraus Jr., seconded by John Kirchberg to appoint David Stange to fill this vacancy until the
new Plan Commission Ordinance is adopted. Call of voice votes: all aye, motion carried.
Review Map of Utilities and Public Participation Plan:
Board reviewed map and made changes for Clerk to forward to Foth & Van Dyke. Public
Participation Plan was reviewed and will be placed on the agenda for March to be adopted.
Other Business:
Treasurer Marian Haas submitted to the board a list of the delinquent Real Estate and
Personal Property taxpayers. She made note that Shelby Jackson was added to the list
because the tax payment check came back not paid because of a stop payment.
Correspondence Received by Chairman and Clerk:
Dodge County:
Conditional Use Permit Notification for Brain & Heidi Stegner to allow an auto detail and
mobile cleaning service on their property of W10062 County Road “DE”A motion was made
by John Kirchberg, seconded by Carole Garczynski and carried by unanimous vote to
recommend approval of CUP to Dodge County.
Land Use Permit for Altine Hesebeck for tile project in section 35
Land Use Permit for Dennis Becker to construct a roof over a mobile home at W9856 County
Notice of public hearing of February 5, 2007 on the petition of the Dodge County Planning,
Development and Parks Committee to amend the Fee Schedule Ordinance and to establish
as application fee for animal confinement facility review, to adjust the conditional use permit
and to remove the floodplain determination fee for the ordinance.
Notice of public hearing of January 15, 2007 on the petition of Kraus Grain Farms, LLC to
allow dredging and grading within a wetland and floodplain overlay district for the purpose
of cleanout of existing drainage ditches.
Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson Notice of Intent to Cut Timber in Section 8 and 9 for
landowner Jeff Schultz
Agenda Notice February 13, 2007 Dodge County Board Session
Land Resources and Parks Department 2030 Comprehensive plan on disc
State of Wisconsin:
Department of Revenue 2006 Lottery and Gaming Credit Report due March 1, 2007
Department of Revenue Financial Report“C”due March 31, 2007
Department of Emergency Management 2007 Inventory Fee Statement and Tier Two
Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory due March 1, 2007
Department of Commerce Conditional Approval for installation of a lift station for a private
sanitary sewer for Maple Grove Mobile Home Park
Department of Transportation notice and agenda for 6 Year Program Meeting
Department of Natural Resources sample Recycling Efficiency Incentive Grant Program
Combined Authorizing Resolution
Department of Natural Resources Payment in Lieu of Tax report for $2,915.32 (town portion
$420.68) on 204.23 acres
Foth & Van Dyke copy of Confirmation of Client’s Request to Perform Services
Letter of Introduction from newly appointed Columbus Fire Chief Chris Lyons
Diebold Election Systems, Inc. Extended warrantee agreement and pricing schedule
Strohschein & Green notice of Columbus School Board election on April 3, 2007
Randolph School District Notice of School Board election on April 3, 2007
Rock River Coalition The Rock River Basin GFLOW Model Overview
Freedom Fire Protect request for copy of Fire Protection/Fire Prevention Code
Solicitations from edoorcounty web designs; TAPCO Traffic and Parking Control Co.;
Ruekert-Mielke; and OMNNi Associates
Wisconsin Towns Association February Report
Bills: Bills for a total of $490,608.24 were approved as presented with a motion by John
Kraus, Jr., seconded by Carole Garczynski. Invoice received by Dodge County Humane
Society was withheld for correction.
Next Meeting: Next monthly board meeting was scheduled for March 14, 2007 at 6:00pm
Meeting Adjourned at 8:45pm with a motion form John Kirchberg, seconded by Carole
February 25, 2007 _______________________________
Marjorie Beilke, Clerk

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