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Monthly Board Meeting
Oct 12, 2004
PDF Version: 2004-Oct-12-Monthly Board Meeting.pdf

Monthly Board Meeting: was called to order at 7:02pm by Chairman John Kirchberg
Present: Chairman John Kirchberg, Supervisor John Kraus, Jr., Supervisor Lucille Miller, Treasurer Marian
Haas, Clerk Marjorie Beilke, Attorney Lan Waddell
Posting Verified on October 5, 2004 at the Town Hall, Schultz’s Cheese Haus, and United Cooperative,
published in the Daily Citizen on October 8, 2004
Minutes from the September 13, 2004 Board Meeting were approved as presented with a motion from John
Kraus, Jr., seconded by Lucille Miller.
Treasurers Report: The Treasurers Report for $129,512.87 was approved as presented with a motion from
John Kraus, Jr., seconded by Lucille Miller. A full report is on file.
Floor was opened for questions or comments:
Virgil Lauth stated that he might not know everything that is involved between the Town Board and the
Lost Lake Preservation Association but felt that Lost Lake is a good lake because of all that the Association
has done and the Town can be proud of our lake. If the board could not work with Don Westphal, he
suggested that someone else from the association speak to the board on his behalf, but to end everything
now would be a bad thing.
John Braker asked the Town Board to allow the Lost Lake Preservation Association to have their collection
box on town property.
Scott Steers asked if Moriah Road would be repaired yet this year.
Discussion/Decision on proposal submitted by Lost Lake Preservation Association regarding the property
on the North Lost Lake Park: After much discussion from LLPA members, town residents, and nonresidents,
the board went into closed session to consult with the town attorney, with a motion from John
Kraus, Jr., seconded by Lucille Miller, closed session began at 7:45pm. Board reconvened into open
session at 7:48pm with a motion from John Kraus, Jr., seconded by Lucille Miller. Because no proposal
was prepared by the Lost Lake Preservation Association for this evening and the discussions were more
argumentative then constructive, Supervisor John Kraus, Jr. asked that the LLPA select two members, not
to be Don Westphal, with a town board member, other than John Kirchberg, and a town resident, Scott
Steers, meet at another time to come to some kind of agreement between the two parties. Then this
agreement can be presented to both the LLPA at their meeting, and the town board to hopefully bring
resolve. In the mean time, to act in good faith, Attorney Lan Waddell will call the Dodge County
Courthouse to adjourn the pending citation against Donald Westphal, President of Lost Lake Preservation
Association for the violation of Article IV of Ordinance 99-2 (Driveway Ordinance) and violation of State
Statute 86.19 for erecting sign and collection box in public highway without written consent, in hopes of
having it dismissed.
Letter of Intent submitted by Leroy and Chris Kirchberg to create three or four residential parcels from a
6.8 acre parcel on the southwest side of Burns Road:
Planning Committee Chairman Scott Steers stated that the committee viewed the proposed land divisions
and recommends that the town board deny this request for the following reasons: Lots exceed width to
depth ratio, proposal does not meet Dodge County Density Standards, objections from adjoining land
owners, and the Town of Calamus 2020 Land Use plan shows proposed area to be cropped farmland or
CRP lands. Further, the committee feels that if the board approves this division a “right to farm” deed
restriction be applied.
Chairman Kirchberg opened the floor for discussion, first from those opposed.
Dale Maas, Vice-President of the Beaver Dam Conservationists, Inc. stated that he has been asked by the
club to present their view. The Beaver Dam Conservationists is a 250-member club that has been hunting,
and paying taxes, on the adjacent land for many years. As a club they are concerned of development of
adjacent land for a number of reasons. For one, the DNR requires that there is no hunting within 300feet
from an occupied building which would take away their opportunities, Secondly, their current recreational
use of the land would, eventually, create a huge interaction problem with an adjoining residential
Adjoining landowner Mark Salzman stated that he is opposed to such a development in such a rural area.
Rich Salzman stated the he is opposed as it would open up development along the entire ridge.
Chairman Kirchberg asked for those in favor to address the Board.
Leroy Kirchberg stated that the land use map at the county showed the proposed area as a transition area
and that Burns Road divided the property from the remaining agricultural land, as well as the land is highly
erodable. The County road frontage requirement is met with the proposed road.
Chairman Kirchberg stated that Burns Road created this as a 6.8-acre parcel, which is a parcel in its own.
Supervisor Kraus stated that to further subdivide it would ruin the rural character of the area.
Sharon Schumann asked the board why this division was any different then the land divisions approved
(May 2002) along Pahl Road? Chairman Kirchberg explained that those divisions took into consideration
that they were for family members.
A motion was made by John Kraus, Jr., seconded by John Kirchberg, to deny the proposed land division on
the recommendation of the Planning Committee: doesn’t meet County Density Standards, objections of
adjoining landowners, problem with the depth to width ration of parcels, 2020 Land Use Plan show the
land as cropped farmland or CRP lands. Call of voice votes: all aye, motion carried.
Discussion/decision on Mobile Home Ordinance violations: It was agreed that a number of violations were
present at both parks. Chairman Kirchberg will prepare a list for the clerk to send out violation letters.
Discussion/decision on the repair or replacement of the furnace in the Town Hall:
A motion was made by John Kraus, Jr., seconded by Lucille Miller, and carried on voice vote, to contract
with Sure-Fire, Inc. of Horicon to install a Lennox G61MPV-60C-090, 94.6% Efficient, 90,000 BTU,
sealed-combustion furnace, vented through roof, installed for $3,780.00 and a Aprilaire Model 1700,
whole-house dehumidifier, installed as a bypass system for $1,760.00.
Review of snowplow list: Clerk is to call those on last years list that did not apply this year, to be sure they
received the letter.
Discuss 2005 Budget and schedule 2005 Budget Hearing: After the board worked out a budget to present
at the budget hearing, this 2005 Budget Hearing was scheduled for November 9, 2004 at 7:00pm.
Correspondence received by Chairman and Clerk:
Attorney Lan Waddell:
Copy of letter dated September 17, 2004 to Clerk of Circuit Court Notice of Hearing re: Town of Calamus
vs. Donald Westphal
Copy of letter dated September 20, 2004 to Clerk of Circuit Court Original Affidavit of Service re: Town
of Calamus vs. Donald Westphal
Copy of letter dated September 28, 2004 to Donald Westphal with enclosed copies of attorney fees
statement for the last seven years, as requested by Mr. Westphal
Copy of Letter dated September 28, 2004 to Clerk of Circuit Court Notice of Hearing and citation and
additional citation for violation of SS 86.19
Dodge County Planning and Development:
Petition to rezone land from A-1 to A-2 for Kenneth field-approved 9-21-04
Petition to rezone land from A-1 to A-2 for Irene Cigelske Trust approved 9-21-04
Resolution for approval of 2004-1180 Letter of Intent for Irene Cigelske Trust
Land Use Permit Application activity 041278 approved for Richard Dieckhoff to construct a shed at N6587
Hwy 73
Land Use Permit Application 041105 approved for Joel Lepple to construct a barn at W10188 E> Salem
Land Use Permit Application 041371 approved for Richard Salzman to construct an attached garage at
W11534 Cty Rd DE
Wisconsin Department of Administration final estimate of January 1, 2004 population to be 1,034
State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Gypsy Moth Suppression Program, Dodge County
Regional Suppression Coordinator BillMcNee 920-492-5930
Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative map of new electric installation for new home at Lot 26 Lost Lake
Notice of Wisconsin Towns Association meeting on October 20, 2004 8:00pm at Dodge County
Administration Building
Notice of Columbus Rural Group Budget Hearing of Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 8:00pm at the
Columbus Fire Department
American Transmission Company Zone 3 meeting of November 3, 3004 at the Hilton Garden Inn,
Commissioner of Public Lands funds held in trust available to local governments and school districts for
capital projects at 3.00% up to five years and 4.00% for 11-20 years
13th Annual Drinking and Wastewater Funding SourcesWorkshop, Oct 20 in Dodgeville, Nov. 9 in Plover
and Nov 10th in Rice Lake
Wisconsin Strategic Energy Assessment Final Report September 2004 Docket 05-ES-102
Wisconsin Towns Association October Report
Bills for a total of $20,384.18 were approved as presented with a motion from John Kraus, Jr., seconded by
Lucille Miller
Next Meeting Scheduled for November 9, 2004 to follow the Budget Hearing, which starts at 7:00pm
Adjourned: Being no other business, meeting adjourned at 10:00pm with a motion from John Kraus, Jr.,
seconded by Lucille Miller
October 19, 2004
Marjorie Beilke, Clerk

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